14 Companies Offering Internships for College Graduates and Students Now

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COVID-19 has dramatically affected the job economy as we know it, including internships. Internships have served as a smooth transition into the workforce for college students looking to gain additional experience, but the COVID-19 crisis means there are limited opportunities. According to our economic research team, online internship job openings on Glassdoor dropped to 30,806 as of April 13, a 52 percent drop since March 9. One in two internship openings have been closed since the coronavirus crisis began in the United States, and intern hiring in April has fallen 39 percent compared to last April. Although these data points seem bleak, there are still thousands of opportunities available for those on the hunt for an internship. If you’re a student in your final year of university or college searching for an internship, please find several companies who are looking for interns, below. Read more here…

Source: Glassdoor Blog

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