Objective Performance Ratings Drive Real Recruiting Results

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In my last post, I outlined the theory for why objective recruiter ratings ensure you have great recruiters working on all your jobs. But do highly rated recruiters really get substantially better results? The answer is a resounding yes. On Scout, everyone wants to work with highly rated recruiters in part because they have a better experience, but most importantly, because they get better results. Results drive performance. Performance drives results.

For example, most employers use both in-house talent acquisition professionals as well as third party recruiters from search or staffing firms. Of course, it is important to objectively rate both types of recruiters, and the power of objective ratings is seen clearly in the graph below. As shown in the following chart, even “average” recruiters (three-star working with three-star) submit good candidates and get a very high percent (24%) of them into the interview process. However, with top recruiters (five-star working with five-star) the results are nearly 100% better with a staggering 45% of all candidates accepted into the interview process! Read more here…

Origin: The Staffing Stream

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