After COVID-19: 3 Predictions for the Future of Work

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It’s not bold to say the COVID-19 crisis has affected every aspect of how companies do business. In these trying times, many people are finding that technology is an absolutely invaluable tool in the effort to make swift, drastic adjustments to the way we run our companies. As a result, technology is likely to play an even larger role in everyday work, even once the quarantines have ended.

From the sudden shift to completely remote work to establishing new ways to conduct virtual interviews, the big changes we’re seeing will undoubtedly have lasting effects long after stay-at-home orders are lifted. While we await a return to “normalcy,” many of us are wondering: What will that new normal look like?

Here are my three predictions for the future of work post-COVID:

1. Remote Work Will Be Much More Common

Flexible work arrangements are a highly desired benefit for workers. In one FlexJobs survey, 80 percent of respondents said they would be more loyal to their employers if they had flexible work options. As technology advances, it makes remote work more feasible for more people, allowing more organizations to grant this benefit.

However, many businesses were slow to implement remote work before COVID-19, with only 7 percent of US employers offering telecommuting options to all or most of their workers prior to the pandemic.

Now, remote work has become an outright necessity for many businesses across the country. With employees finding ways to effectively fulfill their responsibilities from home — even for jobs previously thought to require an office — it’s easy to see how remote work arrangements could become permanent fixtures of the employment landscape. Read more here…

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