5 Tips to Buy the Right HR and Recruiting Software

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Our site is dedicated to helping HR and recruiting teams find and buy the right software for their business. Most of our readers are incredibly busy and don’t want to spend all day researching the many vendors out there. That said, they also don’t want to make any mistakes when buying software.

For many of the tools in your HRTech stack, making the wrong decision can be fairly disastrous. If you’re buying an ATS and don’t go with one of the top vendors, you’re going to be married to a solution you hate for a long time. This will lead to a poor candidate experience and recruiter experience. It’ll also hurt your chances of hiring the best people!

While the ATS and HRIS are probably the most important to get right, it’s hard to think of many HR software or talent acquisition tools that won’t be a huge pain if you don’t make the right decision in the first place. That’s why we spend so much time to uncover the best vendors in a given landscape.

This is also why we try so hard to provide other useful tips beyond who the best vendors are including questions to ask on demos, pricing info, how to think about ROI, and whatever else we think is relevant. Continue reading here…

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