After the Lockdown: What Will the Return to Office Look Like?

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It seems like we all have our groove going on remote working. We have technology, communications, metrics and reports and a work routine, and then we hear: return to the office. What does this mean for how we work, for the overall employment picture and the economy? What about childcare, or the continued need to homeschool child(ren), cook meals, run to the store when we hear they have toilet paper, and disinfect constantly? How is this all going to happen?

I am sure we are all asking ourselves these questions as we hear, read and watch about the “reopening” of the economy. It would be impossible to tackle all considerations here, but I thought I could expand on considerations to ponder for the eventual return to office (RTO).

Fear/concern. We all need to acknowledge that the fear and concern an employee feels is real. They may have been sheltering in place and had not ventured out. They may have family members at risk for Covid-19. They may also have been exposed to a person positive with Covid-19. Or they fear the what ifs — if someone in the office becomes sick, if they become sick?

Employers have a responsibility under the Occupational Safety and Health Act to make sure they provide a safe workplace. But it still may be difficult for an employee psychologically. Review your current policy or set up a new sick policy for employees. Follow the Family First Coronavirus Act. Ensure there is space between workers. Have hand sanitizer and masks available. Create a forum or channel so employees can speak freely about their concerns and offer suggestions that might make them feel safer. Review your employee assistance plan with your insurance carriers and have available for your team as needed. Read more here…

Source: The Staffing Stream

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