How ONEHOPE Wine is caring for frontline workers

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caring for frontline workers

Humanity has a beautiful way of banding together in times of turmoil – the more fortunate helping the needy, the overworked, the disadvantaged. While it’s easy to get lost in the daily COVID-19 headlines and statistics, it’s important to recognize that there’s a lot of good going on in the world.

I’m proud to present Insperity’s new blog series, Good Business, showcasing companies that have adapted to meet the needs of this uncertain time and to give back to their communities. Let these stories be a beacon of compassion, hope and optimism that together we will persevere and work toward a brighter tomorrow. – Larry Shaffer, senior vice president of marketing and business development

Imagine you’re a healthcare professional coming home after a long shift caring for patients suffering from COVID-19 and other ailments. On the way to your front door, you spy a care package. Opening it up, you discover a note of gratitude, sauces, marinades and other kitchen essentials for a comforting meal.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 800 healthcare workers have received these care packages from ONEHOPE Wine, a direct-to-consumer wine producer dedicated to charitable giving. ONEHOPE’s Healthcare Heroes program, one of two dedicated to caring for frontline workers, is just the latest of nearly 13 years of philanthropic endeavors that germinated from a simple idea and the collaboration of friends. Read more here…

Credit: Insperity

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