The WFH Revolution Is Here…Forever. Are You Ready For It?

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It’s here! And for some organizations, it’s here…forever!

Just last week, Twitter announced plans to offer every single one of its employees the option to WFH (work from home) permanently. Forever.

Square announced the same thing a few days ago.

So did Facebook.


One thing is certain, more organizations are sure to follow their lead.

Think about it? It only took two freakin’ months for this revolution to happen!

When the CONVID-19 first pushed us from our workplaces to our homes, many of us in HR assumed it would only be temporary. I certainly did.

I was also part of the crowd that thought that once the worst of the virus had passed and we given the green light, we’d all return to the office to resume business as usual.

How wrong I was.

Surprise, surprise, surprise! Sadly, not everyone will be coming back.

Not only has this Great Pandamic created a WFH revolution, it has done even more collateral damage.

It has endangered the status quo of

employer-provided office space too.

A prime example is Nationwide.  They announced last week that they’d be reducing their office footprint from 20 physical offices pre-crisis to just 4 moving forward. That’s an 80% reduction. Wow!

The HR implications of all this simply stunning. I’m sure every business leader on the planet, along with their HR leader, is rethinking their employee proposition and business model. Here are a few of the key questions they’re grappling with:

Prime office space is costly, especially if it isn’t fully utilized. What should we do?

Can we afford to be 100% WFH and still be effective? If we can’t, what will it do to our people and our culture? How quickly can we transform how we provide services, goods and value?

And, finally, if we want to attract and retain top talent in the future and we’re not 100% WFH — who do we offer the WFH option to? What criteria determines who gets it and who doesn’t? What impact will this have on morale, teamwork and engagement? Read more here…

Hat Tip To: Success in HR

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