Top 10 Articles read by ExxonMobil Employees

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1. ExxonMobil Healthcare: Enrollment

You are eligible for the plan if you are a regular employee, an Extended Part-time employee, a retiree, or a survivor of a regular or extended part-time employee or retiree. You are not eligible for the plan if you… Read more here

2. Read the TRG Retirement Guide for ExxonMobil Employees

As a recruiter it is my job to put my clients in the best position possible for them to succeed. Most of the time this simply means finding a company with an employment opportunity that fits their needs. However, my clients often ask me about other factors, like their 401(k), pension plan, benefits package and… Read more here

3. Short vs. Long Term Disability Plan in your XOM Benefits

The disability plan provides various levels of income replacement during periods of both short-term and long-term absences from work caused by illness or injury. You are eligible immediately when you… Read more here

4. What you need to know about your XOM 401(k) Plan

XOM 401(k) Savings Plan Employees are encouraged to enroll in a 401(k) savings plan right away. You may invest on a before-tax and/or an after-tax basis (regular or Roth) and choose out of seven investment options, with varying degrees of risk. You can also… Read more here

5. 7 Items to Consider Before Leaving ExxonMobil

Losing your job is a grandiose moment. Your mind is racing and you simply just don’t know how to operate. Loss of a job, especially for those with over 20 years of service,  affects the same receptors in the brain as loss of a loved one. The same  five stages of grief apply for the employee going through… Read more here

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6. ExxonMobil: Lump-Sum vs. Annuity, Interest Rates, and Life Expectancy

Lump Sum vs. Annuity Retirees who are eligible for a pension are often offered the choice of whether to actually take the pension payments for life, or receive a lump-sum dollar amount for… Read more here

7. Stages of Retirement for ExxonMobil Employees

In my years of recruiting I’ve had clients ask me quite frequently about retirement planning. Today I wanted to write a post that may help some of my ExxonMobil (XOM) clients be better prepared for retirement. Read more here…

8. 10 Things You Need to do Before Leaving ExxonMobil’s Payroll

Before you lose your job, open a line of credit at your bank or credit union. In addition, we advise you to open at least one credit card, or increase the credit limit on card(s) you already have.  It is exceedingly hard to get a loan, get a line of credit or open a credit card after you lose your job. Read more here…

9. Life after ExxonMobil: Surviving a Bear Market in Retirement

Anyone retiring right now has the unfortunate luck of finding themselves caught in a bear market. Many of my ExxonMobil clients have been reaching out to me, as they’re concerned about losing their nest egg if the market doesn’t turn around. Read more here…

10. ExxonMobil: Divorce or Divorcing?

Are you divorced or in the process of divorcing? Your former spouse(s) may have an interest in a portion of your XOM retirement benefits. “Happily ever after” and “until death do us part” won’t happen for 28% of couples over the age of 50.3. Read more here…

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