Life after United– Why would I work?

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Make up for Decreased Value of Savings or Investments. Low interest rates have made it great for lump-sums but harder to generate portfolio income. Some people continue to work to make up for poor performance of their savings and investments.

Maybe you took an offer & left earlier than you wanted and have fewer retirement savings than you need. Instead of drawing down savings, some decide to work a little longer to pay for extras you’ve always denied yourself in the past.

Meet Financial Requirements of day-to-day living. Expenses can increase during retirement and working can be a logical and effective solution to this problem.

Keep Insurance or Benefits You may choose to continue working in order to keep your insurance or other benefits. Many employers offer free to low cost health insurance, for part-time workers.

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Staying Active and Involved Retaining employment, even if it’s just part-time, can be a great way to use the skills you’ve worked so hard to build over the years and keep up with friends and colleagues.

Enjoy Yourself at Work. Just because the government has set a retirement age with its Social Security program doesn’t mean you have to schedule your own life in such a manner. Many people genuinely enjoy their employment and continue working because their jobs enrich their lives.

A New Job Opportunity comes along. You might find yourself with very tempting job opportunities at a time when you thought you’d be withdrawing from the workforce.

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