Top Ten Articles Read by Verizon Employees

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1. Should I Work in Retirement?

While most people look forward to relaxing in their retirement, a large portion of retirees work either part time or full time. Working in retirement can have a number of benefits both emotionally and financially. Let’s take a look at some of the financial benefits first. Read more here…

2. Read the TRG Retirement Guide for Verizon Employees

As a recruiter it is my job to put my clients in the best position possible for them to succeed. Most of the time this simply means finding a company with an employment opportunity that fits their needs. However, my clients often ask me about other factors, like their 401(k), pension plan, benefits package and… Read more here

3. 7 Things to Consider Before Leaving Verizon

We all sincerely hope that everyone is able to keep their job during this tough economic time. Unfortunately, the reality is that in times of economic hardship some people will inevitably be out of work. If you happen to find yourself in this position it is important that you be prepared. Read more here…

4. How a Divorce can Impact Your Verizon Benefits

Are you divorced or in the process of divorcing? Your former spouse(s) may have an interest in a portion of your VZ retirement benefits. “Happily ever after” and “until death do us part” won’t happen for 28% of couples over the age of 50.3. Most couples saved together for decades, assuming they would retire together. Read more here

5. Leaving Verizon? 10 Things to do Before You’re off Payroll

When you’ve worked in recruiting for as long as I have, you get a lot of questions about how to stay afloat while you’re in-between jobs. But one thing I’ve noticed is people don’t often know what steps to take before they leave their current job. Here are a few tips to consider before leaving… Read more here

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6. Verizon: Stages of Retirement

When I’m attempting to place someone in a new job, it is my goal to put them in the best position possible to succeed. But landing the right job offer is only half the battle when it comes to financial security. So today I thought I’d write about the various stages of retirement, specifically as… Read more here

7. VZ: Borrowing from your 401(k)

With everything going on in the markets right now, the number of people who find themselves in this position is likely to increase. Now if you need funds after you leave your company or before you find… Read more here

8. VZ: Saving on Tax Payments with an NUA

With all the turbulence going on in the current market I want to keep people informed on how they might be able to save a little extra money. I’ve had a lot of Verizon clients reaching out for advice in the past few weeks, and I know many of them will be able to take… Read more here

9. VZ: Social Security and Medicare

At a time when people across the world fear that their financial and medical futures may be in jeopardy, I’ve received a lot of concerned calls from my clients. Many of my Verizon clients had questions about their Social Security and Medicare. Read more here…

10. Survivor Checklist: How Your Spouse can Receive VZ Benefits After Your Death

We’ve all been thinking a little but more about health and family given the recent world events. I’ve had many clients reach out to me about passing on their benefits to a loved one after they pass away. Read more here…

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