Video Interviews in the Age of Coronavirus

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I’m writing this because 99% of the people who read our blog are looking for practical advice on how to hire better with the right recruiting tools.  And, with the recent outbreak, we are getting questions daily about advice on video interview software.

I’m also VERY aware that there are bigger struggles many people are facing currently with small businesses on the verge of collapse, and many people’s health at risk.  I want to call that out and as I think it’s important to focus on the personal goals that we may have, while also thinking about the broader society and how we can do our part to help quell this threat (wash your hands, buy a gift card to your favorite local café, etc).

That said, I wanted to share some tactics that can be quickly spun up for companies who are continuing to hire, and don’t want to lose out on top talent.  Specifically, this post is all about how to effectively use video interviews during these challenging times to engage candidates in your hiring funnel, and continue to hit your goals as a business.

From the Candidate’s Point of View

Three good friends of mine are interviewing for new jobs.  Two of them started interviews pre-corona and one mid-March. 

It’s been interesting to hear how the companies they are interviewing with have handled the outbreak.  There has been almost no communication on what to expect going forward in the interview process.  This is SO FRUSTRATING for job seekers, especially at a time when we are all very stressed about the stock market, getting sick, and the more at-risk people in our lives.

My advice: Let all people in your hiring funnel know what complications your team is facing, and what they may be able to expect in the short and long term.  No one expects you to have all the answers, it truly is the thought that counts here.  An example note would read as follows:

Dear {{firstName}},

First off, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe during these scary times.  As you know, we deeply value everyone who works at our company, and with the safety of our colleagues in mind, we’ve instituted a work from home policy.

We’ve also suspended a lot of normal business as we look to understand how Coronavirus will impact our organization in the short and long term.

That said, we are still growing, and want to get to know you better as a candidate.  There may be a slight delay as we work to figure out the best process for our team, but we wanted to let you know that you can expect to hear from us in the coming week regarding next steps. 

Most likely, subsequent interviews will happen virtually through a video interview platform.  We’ll be sending instructions on how to connect through this platform and schedule interviews accordingly. Read more here… 

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