AT&T Mod-75 and Health Care Benefits (ATO Management Voluntary Offer -MVO)

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What are the provisions for retiree health care associated with the MVO(2018 ATO-MVO) ?


The MVO incorporates the ability to participate in the Management Transition Program. This program allows individuals that are within two years of satisfying the Modified Rule of 75 to select a reduced cash severance benefit and in return, receive post-employment health benefit eligibility, as if they were a Mod-75 on the day their employment terminates. Otherwise, there are no special provisions for post-employment health care under the MVO.

For more information on the Modified Rule of 75 and how it may relate to your retirement, check out this article.  

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Please consult your AT&T Medical Plan SPD for eligibility requirements or contact the AT&T Benefits Center at 877-722-0020 for assistance.


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