Top 10 Articles Read By Sempra/SDG&E Employees

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1. Life after Sempra/SDG&E: Surviving a Bear Market in Retirement

Working hard and saving is only half the battle when it comes to making sure you’re taken care of in retirement. Much of it comes down to having a sound investment strategy and being able to… Read more here

2. Read the TRG Retirement Guide for Sempra/SDG&E Employees

Most of the time this simply means finding a company with an employment opportunity that fits their needs. However, my clients often ask me about other factors, like their 401(k), pension plan, benefits package and retirement plan. Read more here…

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3. 7 Items to Consider Before Leaving Sempra/SDG&E

As the reality of the situation settles, your emotions will be a mess. You might feel upset one minute and annoyed the next, and it can be tempting to vent your frustrations. Remember, acting upon impulse almost never… Read more here

4. The 10 Best Things to do Before You Leave Sempra/SDG&E’s Payroll

Losing your job is a catastrophic event for many folks and the people around them. Unfortunately, with the current economic situation this could be a reality for a lot of people. The utility industry is getting hit particularly hard right now. While these times may seem like the lowest of lows, it is… Read more here

5. Check your Sempra/SDG&E Benefits BEFORE Checking out a New Job

You’ll find enrollment instructions and information about your benefits options and contribution amounts. You will have the option to keep the benefit coverage shown on your upfront… Read more here

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6. Sempra/SDG&E: Stages of Retirement

TIME… It is the one advantage you will never get again. As some of you may know, compounding has significant impacts on future savings. Starting early matters and the key is to… Read more here

7. Sempra/SDG&E: Lump-Sum vs. Annuity, Interest Rates, and Life Expectancy

The upside of keeping the pension itself is that the payments are guaranteed to continue for life (at least to the extent that the pension plan itself remains in place and solvent and doesn’t default). Thus, whether you live… Read more here

8. Sempra/SDG&E: Saving on Tax Payments with an NUA

Given the current market we could all benefit from a tax reduction strategy. While I’m not a a tax expert or financial advisor, I have done some research and here’s an interesting strategy… Read more here

9. Everything You Need to Know About Your Sempra/SDG&E Pension Plan

Whether you’re changing jobs or retiring from SRE, knowing what to do with your hard-earned retirement savings can be difficult. An employer-sponsored plan, such as a Pension & 401(k), may make up… Read more here

10. Sempra/SDG&E Survivor Checklist

Many clients have reached out and asked me about what they should do if anything were to happen to them. Does a family member, your spouse, or close friend need to call the benefits center? Do they keep your medical coverage? Read more here…

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