Top 5 Videos Watched by AT&T Employees

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Check out the most viewed videos from AT&T employees. See what kind of AT&T content is being viewed most by current and former members of the AT&T community. Topics range from informative to comedic and even nostalgic. Enjoy!

1. Colbert Report Explaining AT&T’s History

Employees who have been with AT&T for a long time know that the company has a long and complicated history. AT&T employees seemed to really enjoy watching The Late Show host Stephen Colbert (at the time he was hosting the Colbert Report) poke fun at the comical amount of times AT&T has changed names and ownership.

2. Jim Cramer endorses Elliott Management’s stake in AT&T

Jim Cramer made some noise when he decided to go all in on AT&T stocks. He decided to bet on the AT&T stock after Elliot Management took over. At the time this was considered a bold prediction as conventional wisdom was that AT&T’s stock had been under performing.

3. 1994 AT&T Commercial Featuring Jerry Stiller & Estelle Harris

This video is a famous AT&T ad from the mid 1990s. The commercial features Jerry Stiller & Estelle Harris who are best known for playing George Costanza’s parents on Seinfeld. Two actors are in character in the commercial and have a very funny interaction with an AT&T sales representative. 

4. Helpful Pension Information For AT&T Employees

In this video a financial advisor from The Retirement Group discusses the intricacies of AT&T’s pension plan. The video covers the decision between an annuity vs. lump-sum and how interest rates will impact this decision.

5. AT&T When We Called Her “Ma Bell”

The last video is a look back in the past when the government broke up AT&T (then called Ma Bell). The video reminds us of some of the different names and forms that AT&T has taken on over the years.

Check out this blast from the past. The old Watson commercials originally aired in the early 1980s. The commercial featured Alexander Graham Bell and was quite popular at the time.

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