Better Applicants With Recruiting Chatbots

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Whether it’s because you’re looking for online customer service or attempting to pick a new piece of furniture for your home, you’ve probably noticed chatbots in place to guide you towards your ideal purchase.

Chatbots are, indeed, a great way to help consumers pick the perfect product and that is a major reason we’ve seen them become so prevalent across the web. Using the same tactics, recruiting chatbots can drive more quality applicants into your hiring funnel by engaging with them early in your hiring process.

Of course, we wanted to see if this claim was true or not using data. So, we did a little digging and came across this survey by Brazen that gathered together actual data from chatbots being used on career sites.

Better Applicants With Chatbots

First, Brazen asked the applicants how they felt about chatbots. The responses were overwhelmingly positive with 60% of the candidates enthusiastic about the ability to go to a site and find out about things like benefits and company culture before ever even applying, which was especially effective amongst those who may be casually perusing job sites and need that extra push to apply. 

It’s always important to think about the candidate experience with any piece of hr technology. There may be great benefits for HR or recruiting in the short term, but if it’s a huge turnoff for employees/job applicants, then eventually it’ll be a bad idea to implement. So, it’s great to see that the chatbot experience is widely lauded by job seekers.

The study concluded by stating that chatbots are proven to bring a 40% increased conversion rate to career sites with 10% of these conversions turning into actual hires. This data is fairly compelling as nearly no source of hire converts applicants to hires at a 10% rate besides third party recruiting agencies. Most job boards are closer to 1%! So, we get more applicants that are also higher-quality.

HR and recruiting teams can also benefit from having chatbots show available and relevant positions, ask simple pre-screening questions, schedule qualified applicants for interviews, or even handle the passing on of basic pre-interview documents. View video here…

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