How to Use Gamification To Engage Your Team Remotely

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There’s a reason why work is known as work. For the most part, it isn’t fun. Yet the new trend of gamification in the workplace stands to change that.

Gamification is the application of game mechanics and principles to a task with the intention of making it more engaging. These principles include: A points system, the ability to level up, competition or collaboration, fast feedback, clear goals, and finally rewards and achievements.

Today we see gamification across many industries and used for many different purposes. A company might create a rewards program for its customers that encourages them to spend more. A small business might implement a scoreboard for their top salespeople to compete. A business may use a  level-system in online training to encourage users to advance through training courses.

Wherever gamification pops up, it’s sure to make a difference in the success of any program. Here’s how to apply gamification to keep your team engaged remotely:

1. Promote collaboration. Separated from their coworkers and working remotely, it’s easy for an employee to become demotivated To combat this, leverage the motivation of working with (and in competition with) others. Assign projects that require collaboration or competition for completion. Schedule small calls and chats frequently to make it easy for team members to collaborate. Read more here…

Source: The Staffing Stream

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