Recruitment And HR certifications: Are they worth it?

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The recruitment industry is a versatile industry. It means that it offers as many ways to enter the industry as there are people in the industry. Given that there’s no hard-and-fast criterion to be eligible to work in the industry, it is also correct to say that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to enter recruitment and human resources.  

Degrees might be cost-prohibitive, taking a certification is an affordable and credible way to make your way and progress in the industry. Professional certifications for HR practitioners have proven beneficial in several ways, including growth in salary and career advancement   

Typically, certifications are optional, but many hiring managers prefer to hire certified HR practitioners over non-certified HR practitioners. Similarly, fresh graduates with a non-HR background are eligible for entry-level roles in HR, but a certification brings them at par with the peers with an HR education background.  

 Benefits of certifications  

 A certification shows that your skills are up-to-date and proves your ability to manage HR functions and deliver results in the interest of the business. No surprise that the industry pays more to the certified profession than non-certified professionals. A PayScale survey found that professionals with at least one certification earn 17% more than their non-certified peers.   

Similarly, the survey found that the likelihood of a certified candidate getting a promotion is 15% more than that of non-certified candidates. These are obvious tangible benefits that a professional can expect, which makes certifications worthwhile. Moreover, a credential from a globally recognized body in the industry proves that you hold the latest knowledge required to deliver results in the interest of the business. Metaphorically, a certification is a trunk of skills, which is called upon in distressing times. 

Best recruitment and HR certification bodies 

Recruitment and human resources are nearly the same across the world, except for a few labor and employee laws. No wonder, the world’s leading HR certification bodies are recognized globally and prove your competence to work efficiently in human resources.   

1.Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI): HRCI offers a gamut of HR certifications for professionals with all levels of experience. It offers PHR, SPHR, and GPHR among its recognized certifications for fresh graduates and mid-level professionals, and senior-level HR professionals, respectively.    

2.Talent Management Institute (TMI): TMP, STMP, and GTML are three talent management certifications offered by TMI. As organizations are increasing their focus on talent management to battle out war for talent, they are seeking out professionals who are well-versed with talent management practices. Read more here…

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