Work in the Post-COVID19 World

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There are very few people I care about, but​ my childhood best friend, April, is one of them​.  When she told me she had COVID-19, I was terrified. She has since recovered, and I am happy she is okay.  ​

Her experience, as well as so many others, got me thinking about the world of work post-COVID19. Before we consider the post-COVID world, let’s turn to the days leading up to the global pandemic and what has transpired since. 

So many people dropped the ball, and there’s lots of blame to go around.​  Politicians who called it a hoax,​ supply chains that didn’t prepare themselves for a pandemic,​ and even IT departments that didn’t understand or allow people to work from home. ​They left​ me (and others) feeling less than confident.​

Eventually, workplaces will begin to open. But, we must make sure the world we return to is not ‘business as usual’ because this pandemic has changed everything​​. Read more here…

Source: Laurie Ruettimann