Excelling at Engagement with Effective Employee Recognition Programs

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With the shift to remote work for a large majority of the country altering expectations and experiences amid the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations that do not recognize their employees through an incentive or a reward program should strongly consider developing one—particularly because these programs can help boost employee engagement.

My company, InComm InCentives, recently conducted a study designed to examine attitudes toward recognition programs among employees from across the nation. As it turns out, nearly 60% of those surveyed said either their employer does not have an incentive program or they were not aware whether their employer offered one.

Organizations seeking to boost employee morale and retention through incentive programs should consider these additional takeaways from our study to guide the creation of a meaningful, impactful program.

Employees Want to Choose Their Rewards

Among recognition given at the corporate level, we found that 68% of employees prefer to choose their own reward when their performance is recognized. It would be prudent for any organization to take note here: Each employee will have different preferences, which means what constitutes a meaningful reward is likely to differ from person to person.

This begs the question: What kinds of rewards should organizations offer through their employee recognition programs? When it comes to monetary rewards, gift cards are frequently identified as a top choice among respondents.

However, organizations should also consider expanding their programs to include nonmonetary rewards. In our survey, participants indicated that their most preferred form of nonmonetary appreciation was in-person or e-mail recognition from a coworker.

These preferences show the importance of including both monetary and nonmonetary rewards to ensure employees have a say in how they are recognized. A streamlined way to manage a program with a wide range of reward offerings is through an online platform.

In addition to digitally hosting the program’s full catalog of available rewards—in a format viewable to employees—such a platform can facilitate the digital delivery of rewards to mobile devices. Digital options allow employees to receive and enjoy their well-earned rewards faster and more securely, thus encouraging them to continue producing at a high level. Read more here…

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