Work-from-Home Failures

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The COVID-19 situation has left us all scrambling to maintain our professional lives as much as possible. We’re coming up with alternate work situations: social distancing when we must be at work, working from home when we can, and stretching our resources and creativity when we must.

The results have been predictably mixed. Some judges have had to remind counsel that appearances by videoconference still leave you visible to the court. (I was aware of this and can’t imagine how someone might miss that little fact of life.)

Apparently, more than one attorney has appeared sans shirt, and one judge commented that one attorney had clearly joined from the comfort of her bed, still safely tucked under the covers. I’m sure other professions have had the same challenges, with people unwittingly appearing on camera in various states of undress.

Mistakes like these have gone viral on the Internet. A quick Google search for “video conference fail” yields about 224,000,000 results. Who could forget the viral sensation from 2017, when Professor Robert Kelly was in the middle of an interview with BBC News and his two children barged in? Kelly can be seen trying to shoo the children away while his wife races in to corral the children back out. While viral videos are a different topic for a different day, it’s clear videoconferencing gaffes are nothing new.

So, in honor of our new conditions, let’s wind the tape back to some of the entertainment world’s best work-from-home (WFH) or alternative-work-situation episodes:


We’ll start with Frasier, one of my personal favorites. Frasier’s brother, Niles Crane, had to move his psychiatric practice to his home temporarily. Read more here…

Source: HR Daily Advisor