ExxonMobil Healthcare: Enrollment

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You are eligible for the plan if you are a regular employee, an Extended Part-time employee, a retiree, or a survivor of a regular or extended part-time employee or retiree. You are not eligible for the plan if you participate in any other medical plan to which ExxonMobil contributes, you fail to make any required contribution toward the cost of the plan, you fail to comply with general administrative requirements, or you lose eligibility as described in the Loss of Eligibility section.

As a newly hired employee, if you enroll in the Medical Plan within 30 days of your start date, coverage begins the first day of employment. If you enroll between 31 and 60 days from your date of hire, coverage will be effective the first day of the month following receipt of the forms by Benefits Administration. You must enroll everyone in the same option and pre-existing condition provisions do not apply for you and any eligible dependents.

As a current employee, if you are not covered by a medical plan to which ExxonMobil contributes and would like to enroll in the Medical Plan, you may do so but all your contributions through the end of the current calendar year will be on an after-tax basis unless you have a subsequent change in status which will allow you to enroll in the ExxonMobil Pre-Tax Spending Plan. Coverage is effective the first of the month following completion of enrollment. However, you and any eligible dependents you
enroll may be subject to pre-existing condition provisions.

You can enroll eligible dependents only if you are enrolled in a EMMP option or in the ExxonMobil Medicare Supplement Plan. You can enroll in a Medical Plan option by using Employee Direct Access (EDA) available on the ExxonMobil Me HR Intranet site. Enrollment forms are also available from Benefits Administration for those individuals who do not have access to EDA.

You may be requested to provide documents at some future date to prove that the dependents you enrolled were eligible (e.g., marriage license, birth certificate). If you fail to provide such requested documents within 90 days of the request, coverage for the dependents will be cancelled retroactively, and you may be asked to repay any benefits that were paid on their behalf from the Medical Plan. In addition, you may be subject to discipline up to and including termination for falsifying company records.

If you are declining enrollment for yourself or your dependents (including your spouse) because of other group health plan coverage, you may enroll yourself and your dependents in any available Medical Plan option if you or your dependents lose eligibility for that other group health plan coverage (or if the employer stops contributing toward your and/or your dependent(s)’ other coverage). In addition, you may enroll yourself or your dependents in any available Medical Plan option within 60 days after marriage (with coverage effective the first of the following month) or after
birth or adoption/placement for adoption (with coverage retroactive to the birth or adoption/placement for adoption).


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