How to Look for Your Next Job

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Unemployment has reached an unprecedented high of 14.7% in the US and is expected to skyrocket to 25% or more. With a quarter of our workforce unemployed, you or someone you know is likely looking for a job.

Looking for a job isn’t how it used to be ten years ago. Here are four tips to get you started with your job search.

Start a List

Get out your pen and paper and make a list of 20 companies where you would like to work. My friend, JT O’Donnell, came on my podcast to talk about job search and she recommended this: Write out your list of 20 companies, and then figure out why you want to work for them. And I’m not talking benefits (though those are great too).

What about the company do you identify with? What makes you passionate or excited about their work? List it out. Thinking this through will help you narrow down what companies you want to target, and solidify your message for why you are the right fit for the role. Read more here…

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