Virtual Interviewing: How Employers & Job Seekers Can Prepare

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As a former recruiter and human resources practitioner and owner of a consultancy, I have seen quite the evolution of the interview and hiring process.  Fast forward to Spring 2020, we as a nation are in the grips of a national pandemic called COVID-19. The concept of working from home or remote employees is not new. What IS new is corporations large and small are now being forced to reevaluate their entire human capital normal. The job market is still robust, and hiring is ongoing.  The interviewing process as we knew it, has changed forever.  

With the technology of today allowing so many communication platforms to choose from, I believe virtual interviewing is going to take a seat at the tableSkypeGo-to MeetingZOOM, and Facetime are a few of the most widely used applications. Most of these services are free, allowing users to communicate in real-time.

Virtual Interviewing

The definition of Virtual Interviewing or digital interviewing enables employers to conduct one-way interviews online.  These are conducted via a website or internet-embedded devices such as desktop, tablets, or mobile phones. 

Why are employers using virtual interviews?

A few reasons. It allows employers to gain a better sense of subjective attributes that you can not get with a telephone interview. Cost-effectiveness, rather than fly a candidate into a prospective employer’s office. Time savings. Hiring managers can review the applicants’ recorded interviews on their own schedule. Employers are in the driver’s seat here. They can expedite the hiring process by quickly narrowing the decision.  Continue reading here…

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