Are Your Interview Questions Alienating Candidates?

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Most people would agree that job interviews can be the stuff of nightmares for hopeful candidates who are keen to impress a prospective employer. It’s true that the interviewer wields a certain amount of power as the gatekeeper to employment, but that doesn’t excuse lazy or arrogant questioning. 

Interviews work both ways, of course. While the decision to hire may give the interviewer an advantage, a candidate also has the power to choose whether they want the job. That’s especially true when it comes to the most talented candidates, who may be fielding a variety of offers from other companies. 

As an interviewer, you want to find the right person to fill a position at your company. You also want to make a good impression so that your company will stand out as an appealing place to work. Even in a competitive job market, a negative experience at the interview stage can put people off.

Many interviewers fall back on a tired and ineffectual playbook of interview questions that many candidates find annoying. This doesn’t just make people uncomfortable; it can. . .

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