Hiring for Mission and Value Alignment: It All Starts With a Defined Purpose

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Mission and value alignment are essential for successfully recruiting and retaining talent. When employees feel connected to your mission and your values, they feel inspired to contribute their best efforts. Conversely, without mission and value alignment, employee engagement wanes, negatively impacting overall team performance and morale.

Your employees can only be aligned with your mission and values if they have a defined purpose that provides meaning to their work. A company’s mission statement should offer a clear and concise definition of its single most important purpose as a business. It should answer: What do we do, and why do we do it? Every project, initiative, and team goal should link up to this mission.

Leading organizations also have articulated values that represent deeply held beliefs and expected behaviors. Core values are the guiding tenets of a company. If a mission defines what we do and why we do it, core values express how we do it.

The most successful values support the company’s. . .

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