How Facebook is Empowering Skilled Professionals to Return to Work

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No two career journeys are the same. Some people spend years in the same field or industry, while others make a transition to try something new. Some professionals step away from work for a period of time to pursue passions or focus on their personal life and decide to return later.

No matter the unique circumstance, making a career shift can be a challenge. Pathway Programs, such as the Facebook company’s Return to Work Program, effectively provide valuable training, and support for those easing into a new role. Read on to learn about how Facebook empowers skilled professionals to continue their careers, what the Return to Work Program is like, and where three graduates found the most value in their experience.

Empowering skilled professionals to continue their careers. 

Facebook’s Return to Work Program was designed to help lead experienced professionals who have been away from work for two years or more back into the workforce. The 16-week immersive program brings a group of participants—called returners—from different career paths together to serve as a supportive peer group for one another throughout the experience.

Additionally, each participant is partnered up with an experienced manager for mentorship and has opportunities to. . .

Credit: Glassdoor Blog

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