How to Create Job Security for Life

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A lifetime ago, I worked with a woman we’ll call Martha, who flew into a minor rage when she learned that a coworker from another department had been promoted over her.

Martha’s reaction surprised me — not because we were in the middle of a full staff meeting, but because she was the opposite of a model employee. Martha did the bare minimum, argued with the boss regularly, and nipped at a bottle of rum in her desk drawer (only on special occasions, of course).

But Martha had seniority, and in her worldview, she was entitled to that promotion. Sadly, “I’m entitled to a salary” is a popular belief that just doesn’t jibe with reality.

Of course, I’m not speaking to a Martha. I’m speaking to a sophisticated achiever who knows that their rewards are not tied to how many hours or years they spend in a cubicle. The real metric of success is: Are you effective?

If you can answer “yes,” you’ll enjoy job security for life, in any economy, and I’ll wish you well as you sip cognac on your veranda. . .

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