How to Prepare Older Candidates for Biases in Today’s Ageist Culture

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Are you getting sick and tired of hearing about ageism from your clients? We are, too. But the fact remains it is a form of discrimination that runs rampant in many companies — probably your client companies as well. And while there are so many studies and reports you see today about age discrimination, chances are your clients are focused on other things. This leaves you with the tough job of having a conversation with your older candidates.

In other words, you have to coach them. That is what you are, if you really think about it. And your paycheck depends on how well you prep the candidate, right? As the old adage goes, “It’s not the most knowledgeable candidate who gets the job; it’s the one who’s best prepared.”

Corporate HR and talent acquisition can be pretty scary to job candidates these days, especially if. . .

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