A Paramedic-Turned-Human-Resources Approach to HR and COVID-19

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A few weeks ago, HR Works Podcast featured Taylor Bradley, a former firefighter paramedic who now works in HR. We asked him some follow-up questions about COVID-19.

In case you missed the episode, listen here. Alternatively, we’ve provided a transcript of it below the Q&A.

HR Daily Advisor: As a former paramedic and a current HR professional, is there anything employers are not understanding about the current crisis?

Bradley: Indecision kills. One of the worst things you can do for a patient is freeze when immediate intervention is needed. The correct treatment even slightly delayed is still the wrong approach. In medicine, every second delayed may exponentially increase the need for a more intensive intervention to save the patient.

At this moment, we are all confronted with varying degrees of difficult decisions. Material decisions should be balanced with thoughtful data and experience-driven debate but should not be delayed by indecision. The passage of time can contribute to the worsening of your situation, requiring an even greater response. Patients are never served if those with the ability to help fail to act.

HR Daily Advisor: Do you have any ideas about how the unprecedented unemployment will change the HR landscape?

Bradley: The “new normal” will undoubtedly be a new iteration of what we previously considered “normal.” There will be familiar themes, but if the “new normal” looks exactly like the “old normal,” then we have failed to learn from the crisis.

We have now entered the “late majority and laggards” phase of digital transformation and workplace flexibility. Inevitably, there will be many future webinars on “how to plan for pandemics,” but I feel this is not the ideal approach.

Instead, HR leaders now have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to develop a more agile, technologically adept, and health-conscious workforce—one that is better prepared to adapt to macro forces. Read more here…

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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