Creating a More Positive Work Environment

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Employers know that a negative working environment can quickly snowball and become unmanageable. It can impact not just morale but also eventually productivity and turnover, leading to escalating costs and problems.

As such, it’s easy to see how important it is for HR professionals and the rest of an organization’s leadership to pay close attention to the work environment and take proactive steps to maintain a positive atmosphere.

Here are some tips for creating and maintaining a more positive work environment:

  • Encourage autonomy whenever possible. People like to feel trusted. It shows them they’re valuable and trusted to do their job well. By creating opportunities for employees to make key decisions, autonomy promotes that trusting atmosphere.
  • HR teams can work with upper management to encourage leaders to set a positive tone for everyone. Leaders have an enormous impact on the tone and culture of their employees and how each day goes.
  • Work with employees to set appropriate goals. Goals that are impossible are demoralizing, but appropriate, achievable goals can help people feel motivated and accomplished.
  • Demonstrate how individual goals are tied to the organizational goals and vision. This helps people see how they impact the organization’s success.
  • Be aware of how your communications come across. Tone in official company communications matters a lot. It can set the mood for everyone, especially when it is conveying information that will impact the entire workforce.
  • Cross-train employees, and encourage them to help one another when possible.
  • Assess the management team; pay attention to teams that have high turnover or high numbers of complaints, and see what could be happening in those teams that needs to be addressed.
  • Recognize good work, and do so frequently. Try to be aware of how people like to be recognized—some people appreciate public praise, while others do not. Read more here…

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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