I’m Not Going Back to the Office

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A new survey has found what many of us suspected: A large percentage of the workforce does not want to go back to their office. So many have worked from home for a few months now, and they see no reason they shouldn’t continue working from home.

The survey was conducted by getAbstract and sought to understand something simple: Will employees want to return home when the pandemic ends? I think some employers are hoping that being trapped at home will make employees want to come back to the office.

Sadly for them, only 12% said their time at home has made them want to go back to the office environment. Forty-three percent said they would want to work remotely more often going forward, and another 35% said they would be OK with going back to their formal schedule.

It should be added that 8% of respondents indicated they had already been working remotely full time. That number is staggeringly low when you consider that some estimates put current work-from-home rates at 50%.

Will Employers Remain Flexible?

Experts have been extolling the value of working from home for quite some time now, but it seems no one was ready to listen. The major factors have always been work/life balance and flexibility. Respondents were asked what they thought their workplace would be like with regard to flexibility after the epidemic is over. Read more here…

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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