The Ideal Worker in the Age of AI: Doing What the Machines Cannot

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As technology continues to advance, humans will encounter new challenges that change the way we live and work. In our quest to leverage tech to make our lives easier, we sometimes fail to notice the negative impacts these innovations may have until it’s too late.

The very same advances that make our lives more comfortable often displace a lot of people from jobs, creating massive disruptions in the workforce. As many as 25 percent of all US jobs are already at risk of being automated away, and as these disruptions start impacting more and more people at faster and faster speeds, it leads to a revolution.

In fact, we are already in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a revolution marked by the rapid maturation of artificial intelligence (AI). It is now possible to automate many tasks that used to be done exclusively by humans. As AI advances further, we’ll be able to automate even more. Each of us must prepare to remain relevant. . .

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