How To Practice Mindfulness Throughout Your Workday

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With our current climate of uncertainty, it can be challenging to focus on ourselves, practice mindfulness, and wellness all while managing several different variables. Although COVID-19 has caused a tremendous amount of anxiety, distress, and confusion in many lives, there are ways we can ground ourselves to be mindful and present at work. While our jobs help us build and maintain our lifestyles, help us pay the bills, and can provide purpose to us, they also can contribute to our stress levels. With tight deadlines, essential projects, tough conversations, our jobs can be anxiety-provoking, but mindfulness can help ease workplace stress.

People talk a lot about “mindfulness,” but it’s easy to lose track of why it’s so important. Remember, mindfulness is focusing on the present moment without casting judgment or expectation, which is a powerful way to reduce stress on the job. Meditation – an active practice of mindfulness – is a positive way to train the mind to focus on a specific moment and task. Most times, we find ourselves thinking about the future, dwelling on the past, worrying about what’s next, or daydreaming. Meditation brings us back to the moment and helps us be less stressed, calmer, and kinder to ourselves and others. We have the power to control our emotions through observation and intentionality.  Read more here…

Source: Glassdoor Blog