Are Your Employees Faking Happiness?

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It probably won’t surprise you to learn that sometimes, your employees fake their happiness. What may surprise you is the degree to which this occurs. A recent survey found that a whopping 81% of employees have faked happiness at work.

The Perception of Happiness

When respondents were asked how they feel at work, 65% said they felt happy. An additional 23% said they were unhappy, and 12% said they were neither happy nor unhappy.

However, perceptions of happiness were very important to respondents. Seventy-two percent of full-time employees said they cared about whether their coworkers considered them to be happy at work. There were some differences between men and women, between employees and managers, and based on annual salary. See those results below:

Caring that coworkers perceive them as happy at work by gender:


Caring that coworkers perceive them as happy at work by job level:


Caring that coworkers perceive them as happy at work by annual salary:

$47K and lessMore than $47K

As you can see, women cared more about such perceptions by 13 points. Managers and employees were a little more closely matched, differing by only 5 points, and those making more money cared more about perceptions by 7 points.


The result of employees feeling it’s important that their coworkers perceive them to be happy is that they fake it when they are not. As mentioned, 81% of unhappy employees indicated they have faked being happy at work. The results are again broken down by men and women, employees and managers, and annual salary. Continue reading here…

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