Creating Trust in Your Brand That Will Outlast Tough Times

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Customer experience – the impression your customers have of your brand at every stage of their journey – is a key differentiator for companies across industries. Creating an exceptional customer experience, which in staffing includes candidates, employees and clients, is especially vital during times of crisis. Long after the Covid-19 pandemic has subsided, people will remember how you treated them during this time. A great customer experience will outlast economic downturns, creating long-lasting trust in your brand and ensuring all your customers consistently return to it.

Recently, WorkLLama and SIA conducted a webinar with Brandon Simmons, former VP, experience and innovation at Allied Global Services, and Joe McClung, FloodGate Medical president and chief commercial officer, to discuss how to establish a great customer experience. Here are the highlights on creating human connections by combining personalized communications with AI, predictive analytics and other technologies.

Automated Workflows. Eighty percent of jobseekers wouldn’t consider future jobs at a company that didn’t communicate status during the experience. Given how many candidates eventually become clients, these numbers should give us pause. According to Simmons, auditing workflows was a crucial first step for Allied, and that was followed by automation to enable recruiters to spend more time on personalization including ensuring all communication loops were closed in a timely manner. Allied also introduced video interviews into its automated workflows, creating a special experience for candidates, even if they didn’t get the job. This is especially important now — with historic unemployment levels, recruiters can’t possibly respond to all candidates, yet making connections and minimizing response time is more important than ever.

Personal responses. Combining automated and personal responses enables you to maintain speed and efficiency while creating meaningful interactions. Begin by automating responses via an AI-driven chatbot and automated engagement tools and then move as quickly as possible to human interaction. Allied uses customized automated workflow to guide candidates through the hiring process — from application to onboarding. FloodGate uses chatbots to engage its candidates, learn more about them, and then integrate that information into its ATS and CRM so communications are targeted to candidates’ interests. Continue reading here…

Via: The Staffing Stream