Working & Parenting from Home in Crisis Mode

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Many leaders are learning for the first time how to work from home. They may also be learning how to navigate with other family members who are also working at home. Additionally, working families with children have been asked to home school their children, which, in itself, presents lots of new challenges.

Let us face the fact that it is a very challenging time for leaders on so many fronts. Leaders must realize some sense of organization and stabilization in their work area, so they are able to deal effectively with all the other priorities facing them – first things first.

I have developed a virtual training module on working and parenting at home and here are the top tips for success:

1. Set some ground rules. Call a family meeting. Recognize this is new for everyone. Share how you are all feeling, what you are worried about, and share what basic needs each of you require. Do everything you can as a family to meet everyone’s basic needs during this time. Remind everyone that this is a good time for extra patience and understanding. Establish a time to meet regularly to review your progress together.

2. Share the household duties. Now is not the time for only one person to do the work since there is more to do. Divide up the responsibilities. Make it fun when you can!

3. Set up a private work area. Look for an area separate from the busy zone in your home – if possible, someplace that has a door like a bedroom or spare bedroom. Continue reading here…

Via: The Staffing Stream