3 Questions Every Business Should Ask to Create Focus

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I’m already starting to see articles about how important it will be for organizations to do some sort of debrief once everyone is back in the office with a focus on what’s taken place (or not happened) over the past few months of remote work and physical distancing.

It reminded me of a presentation I heard a couple of years ago with Kat Cole, former president of Cinnabon. She shared three questions that organizations can ask themselves as a way to create focus. What I like about these three questions is that they can be examined on a regular basis to help organizations create a new path for themselves.

What do we need to stop doing? I understand this question is easier to say than to do. But it’s a question worth asking. Organizations might want to break the answers into two categories: physical items and non-physical items. The physical items could include a product that has been underperforming or reducing the amount of office space. Non-physical items might focus on a policy, procedure or guideline that doesn’t bring value anymore. Read more here…

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