CAMPS Model: A Method to Better Understand Employee Engagement

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Managing employee engagement has its challenges and even more so now that many workplaces have been forced to go remote. Now, employees are experiencing different levels of engagement for a variety of reasons.

Many workers are now forced to share their home office with their spouses and children, who are also forced to stay home, and managers aren’t as easily able to keep track of their staff like they could in the office. Being able to see how your workers are coping makes management slightly easier because you are able to see body language.

With remote work, managers do not have the same luxury of picking up on visual cues, so they must rely on constant communication to get a pulse on how engaged their staff is. Fortunately, there’s a model leaders can use to better gauge their staff’s level of engagement.


While researching this topic, I stumbled upon a “dad joke” that was pretty fitting for the times: “I built an emergency shelter out of cereal boxes. I called it my snap, crackle, and pop-up tent.” Yes, I just made a pun about camping to introduce LifeLabs Learning’s model for measuring engagement.

LifeLabs Learning, a leadership development company that helps managers, executives, and teams master life’s most useful skills, has developed a model to gauge engagement at work called the CAMPS Model.

According to LifeLabs, the CAMPS Model is based on the human brain’s five biggest cravings. It’s a quick gauge to check which “camp” someone is in: engaged or disengaged. Company leaders can use it as a pulse-check for themselves and with those they are leading and supporting.

This model would also be of great use for executives, HR departments, and even managers who are looking for a little guidance on how to support their teams during this pandemic.

How Does It Work?

According to Diane Sadowski-Joseph, Director of Facilitator Development at LifeLabs Learning, “the CAMPS model is a simple way for managers to diagnose and root out engagement issues faster.” She provides an example of how the model is used in practice: Read more here

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