How Can A Recruiting Company Put The Human Back Into Human Resources

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Human resources are quite important in an organization, their role is to search, interview the candidates. They will also handle employee relations, But the most important KRA of their job profile is hiring new talent. And…

Recruiting candidates is a task which requires lots of experience and is a time-consuming process. If your internal HR team is giving 90% of the time to recruit, then they will other gaps in the company. The recruitment process takes plenty of resources but the success rate can below. And here, they think of using technology to simplify their HR processes, but is technology really required in case of human resources. Yes, technology can be helpful at some extent like tracking applications and download thousands of resumes in a minute but what it lacks is the human element.         

“Relying too much on automation can make the HR team isolated.”

Here are some points on why there is a need to keep human things in the technology-driven world:

  • Don’t completely rely on technology

Computers won’t do any extra thing, they will only perform the command, if you relying too much on a machine then you can miss a lot of amazing talent and risking your company’s human capital process.    

  • Don’t neglect candidates viewpoint

Yes, companies want to streamline the whole process as it will improve the efficiency, the computer can do this process easily but hiring is all about people and they have stories to tell. A computer won’t be able to tell the behaviour of the candidate and how the candidate has approached the problem. You will have to do it personally with the candidate. This is why it’s important to put the human back into human resources. Listening to a candidate is important during and after the interview, this will make the candidates know that you are interested and are investing your time on them. 

  • Technology helps you to reject and not recruit candidates

If you do a keyword search which is with the help of new-age technology, then it’s not to find the best candidates, it’s to disqualify the candidates. This can be helpful in some way, but it’s all about building relationships. There is a difference between finding the right candidate and a candidate who is fit for your company. It’s important to have a good relationship with a candidate and if you don’t then why would the candidate join your organization? Continue reading here…

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