Time Management Training: Work Less to Get More

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Managers and business owners worldwide have probably experienced the need for staff to work overtime, stay longer, come in earlier, or work on their usual days off. For salaried employees, this means unhappy staff. For hourly employees, it means costly overtime wages.

In both cases, it means keeping the lights and heat or air conditioning on longer than usual. But staff may need to work later and longer to meet production needs, whether that means producing tangible products or providing some kind of service.

Work Fewer Hours, Accomplish More

But what if you could boost productivity while reducing hours worked and achieve an associated boost in morale? That’s just what Microsoft Japan found it was able to do. In 2019, it introduced the Work Life Choice Challenge as an in-house project for work style innovation.

The company saw an increase in productivity of 40% during the months the challenge occurred. Keep in mind that productivity is a measure of the amount of output produced per hour worked as opposed to total output. Read more here…

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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