Tired Of Losing Top Talent: Follow These 10 Recruiting Trends For 2020

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The recruitment industry is evolving rapidly and it has been growing year by year. And recruitment requires a lot of creativity, hard work and planning. A company has to stay in touch with upcoming and current trends. The recruitment process has changed a lot in a decade, there has been a rise in the use of social media for hiring, the job search is easier nowadays, the applicant doesn’t have to mail daily to get a call. It’s about networking and taking the help of connections.

 And if a company doesn’t follow the latest recruitment trends, then it could be a problem for a company. It could cost your company like bad hiring and this could lead to a bad culture at the office. So, it’s evident that a company has to follow recruiting trends and here are 11 recruiting trends to follow: 

Use of Artificial Intelligence in recruitment

Artificial intelligence is present nowadays that is helpful for the recruitment process. And AI would be present as a must-have for a recruitment company. The chatbots have a positive effect on the duration of the hiring process and increasing the number of applications. And there are lots of chatbots available that you can use according to your requirements. AI also helps to remove the “bias” part during the recruitment process and when you want to hire the best candidate, you don’t want to stay biased. There are applications of artificial intelligence in recruitment that help to reduce bias. An AI software will use the data of the candidate and make predictions on the probability, whether the candidate will succeed or not. 

Hire candidates with a multi-skill set

You can judge a candidate by his skill-set and if a candidate doesn’t possess the desired skill which a company requires, then the chances of hiring of the candidate are bleak. This is the conventional thinking by the companies and they need to change it. Nowadays, a dedicated recruiter is looking for candidates who can perform multiple roles and are also willing to take up new roles whenever the need arises. The solution is the company should make the hiring by keeping soft skills and technical skills in mind. This would leave an employer in a win-win position, the soft skills would give your company an advantage over an organisation that is only relying on one skill set of candidates. 

Focus on employer branding is must

An employer brand is the image of the organisation and it also means the popularity of the company among the candidates. So, employer branding is important to build a great employer brand and attract candidates. According to the research by LinkedIn, more than 70% of the candidates look for an employer reputation before applying. The companies who have a bad employer branding will always struggle to attract candidates and they will also struggle to retain employees. This is the reason why employer branding is among the top recruiting trends. 

Improvement in candidate experience is the key

Candidate experience is vital during the recruitment process and it simply means what all candidates perceive during the interview, how they are treated during the interview. Improving the candidate experience would have a positive impact on the hiring process. A positive recruitment process will motivate the candidate to join your company and refer to other candidates. Nowadays, in the age of social media, a bad experience spreads like wildfire. So, a bad experience will leave a negative impact on the candidate and on the company as well. You can improve the candidate experience by realigning the candidate experience approach to fit with your company goals, values and culture. 

Adapting to hiring plans according to the market

Companies often fail to evolve with the changing hiring practices and this leads to bad and costly hiring. The things are changing at a rapid pace and recruitment trends also evolve every year and the company no doubt has to evolve with them. This is a challenge all companies face and one way to solve it is the recruiting teams have to adapt quickly and stay updated with the upcoming recruiting trends. As a company, you can hire different talents and if you will stay put on hiring a specific talent then you might lose out on the diverse talent available in the market. Continue reading here…

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