We Should Have Been More Prepared for the Remote Work Era

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What will the future of work look like in the wake of the pandemic? That’s the question on a lot of people’s minds. Cheryl Cran, founder of NextMapping, is a future-of-work expert who spent years getting organizations future-ready. We discussed the sudden move to remote work and the likely future of work here in the United States in a recent conversation.

When asked if we were ready to all be thrown into remote work all at once, Cran gave a short answer: No. She then elaborated by saying, “Maybe 20% of industries were ready, and those industries that were ready for remote work were already primarily gig economy workers, so freelancers, companies like Upwork, freelancer.com, new start-ups,” and other organizations like that. That leaves the other 80% getting caught flat-footed.

Part of why so many organizations were so unprepared for the mass move to remote work was due to a sometimes unfounded resistance. Many have always believed that business is best done in person. When asked how we are doing adapting to the changes, Cran said that “people are vacillating between accepting the realty and adapting and making the most of it and struggling emotionally.”

Many organizations out there are under new directives: Get remote right or go out of business. It’s easy to imagine how challenging that must have been for the holdouts. I asked Cran about those who were holding out on remote work before the pandemic. She said, “As a keynote speaker, I talk to a lot of corporate audiences. And a lot of times, frankly, I would say these kinds of things, and they would all roll their eyes at me.”

At these conferences, Cran would also share the statistic that 50% of the workforce will be remote by 2020, “which is a valid, researched statistic,” she added. The response to that was essentially that organizations can’t work remotely.

Yet here we are. Many of the organizations that survived the blow that the coronavirus dealt them have had to adapt. Cran says, “It has been forced now. This is one of those disruptions that we talk about in future of work that force positive change, and we are in the midst of that disruption right now.” Read more here…

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