7 Tips for Running a Successful Video Interview

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Before the impact of COVID-19, many employers were not prepared for or equipped to conduct video interviews for their job candidates because it wasn’t a necessity. Remarkably, many made the switch nearly overnight and now have incorporated this practice into their hiring routine.

However, some hiring managers still have concerns about the process and wonder if it’s as effective as in-person interviews. We offer the following guidelines to help make the experience worthwhile for employers and their job candidates.

  1. Select a widely available technology. Many companies use Google Hangouts, Zoom, Cisco Webex (which has upgraded its free version during the pandemic), or Skype. Some popular free tools have come under scrutiny for security flaws, so be sure to research any complimentary tools before using them. Let your candidates know they may have to download an application to their computer or smartphone before the interview.
  2. Conduct a dry run, and have a backup plan. A new videoconferencing platform is likely to have a learning curve, and you don’t want to waste candidates’ time or yours dealing with technology glitches. Ask your candidates to do a dry run, too. Remember that with a surge in demand on videoconferencing systems, the technology may temporarily fail. Provide a direct phone number, or let candidates know you’ll reschedule in case that happens.
  3. Be flexible about scheduling and interruptions. With most of the country’s schools closed, many candidates are balancing child care and work, and you may be, too. Coordinate a time that works for both of you, and take interruptions as needed. It is important to be flexible during this time. Showing empathy and flexibility is important to starting the candidate experience off right.   Read more here…

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