Training Trends Impacting Managers at Every Level

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Employees’ direct supervisors and managers have a significant impact on their ability to be engaged and productive. All too often, though, these leaders are not trained and ready to manage effectively. Therefore, management training remains a critical investment area for learning and development (L&D) professionals.

A Mandate for Management Training

Tres Fontaine and Lydia Oxendine, both senior consultants at Enact Leadership, offer the following insights on how to best address each key area:

Entry-level managers, says Oxendine, are employees who often come into their roles without foundational leadership skills and knowledge. To address the gap, Oxendine says, “We’ve been finding that an engaging, online L&D program for clients that covers foundational leadership skills is very effective.”

Mid-level managers are more senior and, consequently, have high potential to excel in the organization, says Oxendine. But, she says, “Organizations that have grown quickly, but without a lot of infrastructure, often have an urgent need here because the foundational base isn’t as strong as they’d like it to be and there are specific areas people need to grow in.” Continue reading here…

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