3 Tips to Help Your Team Prepare for the ‘New World of Work’

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Many people have been talking about a “new world of work” for a long time. However, the current public health situation and labor market crisis are not what anyone had in mind. The sudden work-from-home mandates, refocusing of priorities, and adjustments to time management are startling for everyone, to say the least.

If your team is struggling to walk the thin line between work and personal life, now is a great time to encourage them to invest in themselves, their progress, and their future. Whether your team is interested in learning new technical skills or focusing more on self-improvements like time management or communication skills, both can be achieved during this time.

Here are some helpful tips and resources to help your team get started.

1. Learn New Skills

We always tell ourselves what new skills we’d learn if we only had the time. Well, now is the time. Take advantage of your extra time to earn credentials for a new skill and foster a new culture of learning.

Digital badges provide verified proof of abilities and skill in a specific field and can help your team stand out professionally. Another great aspect of digital badges is that many can be connected to professional and social networking sites and enhance your professional credibility and work profile.

Here are examples of some leading digital credentialing programs to help your team gain data analytics, marketing, or technical skills:

  • Facebook: Digital advertising revenue is taking a big hit during the pandemic, but digital marketing skills will continue to be key professional assets. Facebook Blueprint certifications provide an opportunity to learn more in areas such as marketing science, media planning, and creative strategy.
  • Tableau: Data skills were in high demand before the current crisis, and they will remain valuable even after it abates. Tableau is a data analytics and visualization company that offers free access to a number of learning curriculums and results in role-based badges.
  • ForgeRock: There are billions of new devices connecting to the Internet every year; this makes digital identity and risk management incredibly important. ForgeRock University offers an online learning program that helps professionals gain the skills required to build and deploy digital identity solutions.
  • IBM: IBM’s Skills Gateway allows users to learn about fields spanning from blockchain technology to artificial intelligence (AI) to cloud computing. These skills can foster credibility and trust within employees to handle intricate technical challenges in the midst of the difficult labor market. Read more here…

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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