3 Ways to Maintain Productivity While Working From Home

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Now that organizations know their employees will be working remotely for a while, it’s time to get focused on productivity. Please don’t take my comment as organizations shouldn’t be supportive, empathetic, and aware of the challenges that this new working arrangement presents. But helping the organization focus on work, goals, etc. could be exactly what employees want and need right now.

Accomplishing a goal feels good. Many of you know that Mr. Bartender and I recently moved into a new home. We’ve been using our shelter-in-place time to do a few projects around the house like organizing the garage and hanging some pictures. It’s amazing how excited we are to be accomplishing those projects.

The Workforce Institute at Kronos has written about employee productivity as well as remote work recently, so I wanted to share a few of their articles with you.

Help your Employees Thrive in a Remote Work Environment with 3 Simple Steps

Even in times of disruption and uncertainty, there are ways for managers to support the team and continue to deliver business goals. By setting clear expectations, keeping the lines of communication open, and consistently checking in with your employees, managers will be setting their teams up for success. Read more here…

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