Business Is Changing — The Way You Communicate Needs to Change, Too

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More quickly than many of us could’ve imagined, the world has changed. Each of us, in nearly every facet of our lives, is being asked to adapt — to change the way we interact in public, the way we school our kids, and the way we work.

At the beginning of the year, most businesses in the staffing industry, TextUs included, were thinking a lot about leads, about building their brand, about making sure their customers were happy.

Priorities have shifted, almost overnight. The staffing industry is focusing more and more on what they can do to help their community during these troubled times.

It’s safe to assume the candidates and clients you’re reaching out to are struggling. Some are trying to work while juggling parenting and the new role of homeschooling teacher. Others are concerned about the well-being of their loved ones or financial uncertainty in their families. And nearly everyone is hanging in with the strictures of social distancing and staying at home.

And now more than ever, it’s crucial to use your communication strategy to build relationships. I don’t mean paying lip service to connection while focusing entirely on the bottom line. I mean being thoughtful, active, and empathetic in every message you send and every phone call you make.

So, here’s how to reach out to your contacts right now in a way that helps.

Make your outreach relevant. Your audience’s bandwidth is more limited than ever. Don’t waste their time and don’t crowd their inboxes with self-focused messages.

So, how do you know what message will be most relevant to your candidates and clients right now? It may seem too simple but — you can ask them. By asking the right questions first, before sending an off-tone message, you can make your outreach as engaging and meaningful as possible. Now would be a great time to practice listening twice as much as you talk. Read more here…

By: The Staffing Stream

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