New Staffing Demands Mean New Opportunities for Jobseekers

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive upheaval in the way we work, and that goes for recruiters. Remote work and video platforms reign supreme in this new working environment, and the same can be said about the unique types of staffing demands that have popped up.

Certain industries are experiencing increased workforce needs, according to new Adecco USA research. Adecco is noticing a shift in the types of skills and roles demanded by employers across the medical and science fields.

“Hundreds of job opportunities are arising as organizations all over the nation work hard to protect their people and clear a path for the new normal,” says Jason Guggisberg, Vice President, head of medical and science, Adecco USA. “Medical and science roles have long been in high demand, and now that need is not only increasing but extremely urgent.”

Top Jobs for 2020

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Source: HR Daily Advisor

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