The Role of Chatbots When Hiring Many People — Or None 

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COVID-19 has changed the landscape for employers worldwide. Over the coming months, companies in highly impacted industries will continue to find themselves either laying off or furloughing employees.

Or they will be in dire need of lots of new people, and fast. Sectors such as healthcare and essential retail are seeing an unprecedented surge in hiring volume, which is highlighting the importance of an efficient and effective high-volume recruitment process.

Except, as priority shifts to driving as many applicants as possible through the hiring funnel, candidate experience is very often the casualty. The number of incoming applications can overwhelm recruiters’ ability to process them, leaving candidates in the dark and desperate for information.

In times like these, candidate communication is more important than ever. However, employers are limited in their ability to communicate with job-seekers. Or are they?

Artificial intelligence, more specifically conversational AI (CAI), can help keep open communication lines between you and your candidates. Indeed, while only 11% of organizations currently deploy recruiting chatbots, nearly 60% of large organizations use them, according to TLNT’s research report, “The Future of Recruiting Is AI and Automation.” Read more here…

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