Be Clear: Why Data Transparency Will Be a Hit with Candidates

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Candidates are asked to provide necessary information to be assessed by organizations. Personal data, professional background, social media activity, and a whole list of insights get factored into determining how good a fit someone might be for an open position.

In turn, those candidates put trust in the company to take care of that data. Access to data is nothing new for recruiters; what is different for today’s recruiters is access to resources and solutions that can put that information in the proper context. These tools can modify how recruiters approach individuals, ultimately leading to a companywide shift in recruiting practices.

As valuable as those tools are, they can also expose some of that data to platforms or outlets candidates might not recognize. To that end, recruiters need to communicate the kinds of data candidates should provide and, most importantly, how the company plans to use that sensitive information. That way, both sides of that give-and-take feel like they’ve earned the value they sought.

The Value of Transparent Data Intentions

Data misappropriation doesn’t sit well with the masses. A Gartner study indicates that 71% of employees think their employers should practice transparency in all areas, including data management.

When recruiters practice data transparency, it says a lot about their company—mostly positive. Companies that spell out how they use and leverage data present themselves as organizations confident enough to give talent a peek behind the curtain.

The give-and-take of data sharing can sometimes leave candidates feeling vulnerable with the information they’ve provided and how it might be interpreted. Transparency, however, invites those candidates into the fold and enables them to help shape the recruiting process. In the current environment, this is more important than ever.

Transparency helps candidates feel a degree of ownership in the process. As they feel empowered, they become more comfortable sharing data that enable recruiters to sift through the mounds of candidates they see and gain a better understanding of the applicant pool. With that information, recruiters can assess both professional and cultural fit for open positions. Recruiters can also get a peek at each candidate’s potential for growth in the role he or she is applying for (and beyond).

Data transparency is a plus for candidates and recruiters when it’s integrated into the talent acquisition process. Putting it into action, however, is a process. Continue reading here…

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